Let's Make America Great Again For Christmas

It’s hard to measure the spiritual health of a nation, but perhaps the best barometer is how it treats people in the margins--the widows, orphans and those who are displaced by famine, drug lords or war.

I’ve read that there are about 200 million displaced people in the world today. Historically, our country has granted asylum to about 100,000 of these folks each year. Thanks to the restrictive policies of the current administration, that number will shrink to about 18,000 this year. For the richest country in the history of the world, that’s shameful.

We can choose to let our collective psyche be controlled by those who seek power by promoting fear and a sense of scarcity, or we can live by love and accept the reality that we have enough, if not an abundance.

That could go a long way toward making America great again.