July 15, 2015

Four years and one day ago, I stood in the United States District Court of the Western District of Texas. It was the case of the United States of America, yes the entire country, 350,000,000 versus me. It wasn't ever a fair fight. I was severely outnumbered, way more than the Alamo. But I was there. At least I think I was there.

That entire experience was a blur. I remember looking at the ceiling and thinking that the molding was well crafted. I had prepared a sincere statement which I think I read. In it, I took full responsibility for what I had done. I apologized to everyone I could think of. I think my lawyer said something, but I'm not sure what. I clearly remember one thing. I remember my friends who were there. I know exactly where each one was sitting in the gallery. Then the judge sentenced me to 72 months in federal prison. I was expecting less, but realized it could have been more. It was what it is and what it always will be. It's unchangeable.

On August 26th, one month later, I arrived here at Bastrop Federal Satellite Camp. All that seems like a lifetime ago. Maybe it is, as this experience has in some ways been a death and a rebirth. But I'm still alive. This I know, and it's time to move on.