Season's Greetings

Just in time for the holidays, Bastrop Federal Corrections Institution and it's Satellite Camp have made important changes to the mailing policy. Greeting cards, even hand made cards by 18-month-old granddaughters, are strictly prohibited. Mailing labels, including return address labels, are also prohibited. All correspondence has to be on white paper and white envelopes (seems racist to me, but who am I judge). It should also be fragrance free and without lipstick marks.

That means if you sent me a Christmas or Festivus Card, it went into a big trash can in the mail room. Our crack mail staff is supposed to return it, but I doubt they have the will, the desire, or the intelligence necessary to make that happen. To send a card, you'll need to create or purchase the card, make a copy of it (one side only) on white paper, and mail that in a white envelope without a mailing label, fragrance, or lipstick marks.

Now newspaper clippings and photographs are permitted, so I guess you could post, cut out and mail an advertisement or legal notice from your local paper wishing me a Merry Christmas or take a photo of yourself or any random person holding a Christmas card. Either of those methods should work. But if you're going to go to that much trouble, just send money to my commissary account to help pay for this drivel I call a blog...I'm just saying.

Anyway...SEASONS GREETINGS from Freddy and me from a festively decorated (in a taxpayer-funded, non-religious, sectarian way) Bastrop Federal Satellite Camp.