November Ramblings

* There's an inmate here at Bastrop Federal Satellite Camp who speaks to me every time I see him, even if I see him 12 times in 5 minutes. It has seemed obvious to me that he must really like me. While recently walking behind him in the housing unit, I saw that he said "Hey" to someone in the mop room. When I passed the mop room, I looked in to see who was there. It was empty, as in NOBODY was in the room. The guy was saying "Hey" to 2 mops, a broom, and a wall mounted ironing board. Now it seems obvious that he doesn't like me as much as I thought. I'll admit to being a little disappointed, but it's probably OK.

* I received an application to get a mail-in ballot for the November 6th election from the Republican Party of Texas. I thought inmates couldn't vote, but my name and address was already filled out on the application by a RPT computer nerd. I also thought that Republicans were the ones supposedly worried about voter fraud. Guess not.

* Dietrich Bonheoffer in Life Together writes, "It must be a decisive rule of every Christian fellowship that each individual is prohibited from saying much that occurs to him. Often the most important thing we say is nothing at all."

* This quarter we went from having a daytime camp officer who was loud, crude, overbearing, and mean-spirited to having one who is courteous, professional, kind, protective and caring. Just one person can make so much difference. Unfortunately, the good one is retiring before the quarter ends.

* My full time job here now is being a puppy raiser. But thankfully I am still bi-vocational, serving the diverse hair care needs of our prison camp population every Wednesday evening in our barbershop. As I've written before here, haircuts are free. But I have decided to change the designated love offerings from 3 Nature Valley Nut N Honey bars to a packet of StarKist Lemon Pepper Tuna. It's way more protein, less fat, less carbs, less locker space, and about the same price. Maybe I should approach StarKist about being a corporate sponsor of this blog. If not, I could easily sell out to Nature Valley.

* We recently had 2 polite and sharply dressed Bureau of Prison "higher ups" from Washington show up to perform a program review of our religious activities. They rounded up 5 inmates to interview about the programs. One of the inmates interviewed helps with the LDS service. The first question asked by the guys in the nice suits was, "What religion are you?" When given the answer, the smarter guy in the nice suit, the one who was charged with filling out the questionnaire, wrote, "Ladder Day Santes." Certainly I could do that job when I'm released. I could fake being polite, and I have 2 decent suits in a box somewhere. I wonder if they still fit?