September Ramblings

* I was recently in the chapel at Bastrop Federal Satellite Camp during a time scheduled for meditation. While quietly sitting there alone trying to be spiritual, another inmate came in, removed his shoes and walked over to the restroom in his sock feet. With the door open, he removed his socks, rinsed them out in the sink, put them back on his wet feet, walked to the closet in his wet socks, stayed there for about 60 seconds, came out, put his boots back on and left. Has that happened to you?

* The best presidential quote of the summer has to be, "When you give a crazed, crying lowlife a break, and give her a job at the White House, I guess it just didn't work out. Good work by General Kelly for quickly firing that dog." The fact that I wasn't repulsed or embarrassed, not even surprised by the quote unfortunately says more about me than it does the president.

* I'm teaching a class here on real estate investing. I've enjoyed putting together the syllabus and class outline and teaching the class, but some of the questions have proven to be educational experiences for me. One such question was, "When someone is murdered in my house, do I have to disclose that when I sell it?" Another was, "When I showed up with a bag of cash to buy a foreclosed house from the bank, did they refuse my offer because they knew I was a drug dealer?"

* Both the saddest and the funniest (funny only in an odd prison humor way, which is impossible to understand without living it) book I've seen lately is a children's book entitled The Night Dad Went To Jail by Melissa Higgins. This book would be extremely helpful for small children faced with this horror, as this is a reality for a shockingly high percentage of families of color in this country.

* Thomas Keating, in his book Invitation To Love, offers this advice. "While we may talk of the divine 'plan' and outline the stages of the spiritual journey as presented by the great teachers of our tradition, the only thing we can be absolutely sure of in the spiritual journey is that whatever we are expecting to happen will not happen. God is not bound by our ideas."