Just Do It

Have you seen the Choice Hotels commercial where the marketing consultant tries to push "Bada Book Bada Boom" as the new slogan/mission statement? It's effective and funny, and got me to thinking about mission statements and slogans.

Nike was the first corporation to come with a mission statement. I bet you know their slogan. Some others are a little more grandiose. Cisco wants to "change the world" while Walgreens Boots Alliance is "caring for people and communities around the world." Chevron goes about "enabling human progress by developing the energy that improves lives and powers the world forward." Indeed these are lofty goals, but from the perspective of a former consumer, I'd have to suggest "routers that work even though you don't know why or how" for Cisco, "good drugs covered by insurance" for Walgreens or "cheapest gas and cleanest rest rooms" for Chevron.

The Bureau of Prisons has what I guess is a mission statement posted here at Bastrop Federal Satellite Camp. It proclaims, "correctional excellence, respect, integrity" as its core values. While I admit to having a good laugh when reading that, it's important to remember that I'm not really a consumer here and shouldn't have an opinion. I'm just a piece of inventory in an seemingly endless supply chain, a designation that becomes clearer every day I'm here.

In a former life, I was a member of a church which decided it needed a mission statement. It finally came up with one after months of discussion and angst. A few years later the same church quietly changed that mission statement to something else. I never knew why, but didn't care, as I had forgotten the old mission statement and couldn't even remember the new one. Maybe a good one would have been "love God, love your neighbors, love your enemies, and tell why you do." You don't have to work at Cisco to know that would change the world.