August Ramblings

* The Catholic mass needed someone to sing in Spanish, so I volunteered to substitute for the regular singer who had a self described "demon." When I volunteered, the demon attack prognosis was unknown or at least undisclosed to me. It was the 2-week variety. I can't remember the last time I sang a solo, but worrying about the language took away any concern about the music. It was great fun while it lasted, and I did not recognize any personal demon attacks.

* In addition to the visitation cancellation written about here, a 6:00pm curfew, aka "yard recall," was instituted in early August for 2 weeks to fight a sudden rash of inmate naughtiness. As the evening camp officer can't seem to open up the tool cage in the barbershop before 5:00pm, cutting hair was challenging. However unlicensed hair care professionals, like myself, are by our very nature creative types, and just about every inmate who needed a haircut got one. Thankfully, my "creativity" was limited to only one week, as my haircut night was the last night before the curfew and the first night after.

* Big News: With the help of Canine Companions For Independence, we are beginning a program here at Bastrop Federal Satellite Camp to train service dogs. We'll begin with 4 dogs, and there will be 4 trainers, 4 assistant trainers who will train the next group of dogs, and other volunteer helpers. I have volunteered to go through the selection process and hope to be chosen to help with this program.

* In 1836, when Sam Houston was on his way to the battle of San Jacinto, he came to a fork in the road. Not sure which direction to go, he was inspired to go take one road because he saw a directional '"sign" in a Which Way Tree that led the Texans to victory over Santa Ana's Mexican army. I just finished a delightful and realistic Texas fiction novel set in late 1860's entitled The Which Way Tree by Elizabeth Crook It's about the search for an infamous panther by an unlikely group of 2 kids, one the victim of the panther's earlier attack, a Mexican semi-criminal and preacher. I highly recommend it.

* It's not every day, heretofore never, that someone I know wins an Olympic medal, but Kristen Massey won a bronze in the 100 meter dash this summer at the Special Olympics in Seattle, Washington. She also just missed a bronze in the 200 by .03 seconds. Congratulations to Kristen!