June Ramblings

* One good thing about being in prison is that I get notes like this. "Hey, one more thing. I really resonated with your blog "Maitre" also! It reminded me of the word "Hesed"--the Hebrew word that is closely translated "loving kindness," but it goes even deeper and richer because it is God's deep love for us. The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases. His mercies never come to an end. They are new every morning. Great Is Thy Faithfulness, Oh God! His blessed love for us! Amen!"

* Water skiing was invented when Ralph Samuelson learned to get up on two skis behind the family boat on a Minnesota lake in 1922. You can ski behind any boat, but the wake makes a lot of difference to a serious slalom skier. So in 1957, Leo Bentz designed the first fiberglass inboard ski boat, creating the perfect wake. He called it the Ski Nautique. In 1961, Bentz sold his design to Correct Craft who in that year sold the first 18' Ski Nautique for $3,845. Many say the best ski boat is still the Nautique made by Correct Craft. You can get one for around $100,000. When you do, I'd appreciate an occasional gratuitous invitation when I get out, as I plan to be skiing past age 70.

* It appears that some of you laggards are not praying for Buddy the Camp Cat. He's not dead, but he's still deaf, has one working eye, and seems to be not at all happy about his current condition. He's a sweet ole boy, and I really hope he makes it.

* Brian McLaren writes, "For centuries, Christianity has presented itself as an "organized religion"--a change averse institution...that protects and promotes a timeless system of beliefs that were handed down fully formed in the past. Yet Christianity's actual history is a story of change and adaptation....What might happen if we understood the core Christian ethos as creative, constructive, and forward-leaning--as an "organizing religion" that challenges all institutions (including its own) to learn, grow, and mature toward a deepening, enduring vision of reconciliation with God, self, neighbor, enemy and creation."

* As I seem to have plenty of time here, I'm trying to learn Spanish. So far it's going "despacio se va lejos." In a half-hearted effort to play lip service to cultural diversity, our bilingual phrase of the month is "dime con quien andas y te dire quien eres."

* Mother Teresa said, "Calcutta is everywhere, if we only have eyes to see."