Extra Weight

Pick-up trucks are handy and manly, and I was fortunate to have access to our farm truck when I came of driving age. Back in those days, 4-wheel drive trucks were uncommon. The rear wheel variety, even with a positive traction rear end, would often get stuck in the gumbo like mud of the Mississippi River delta, presenting an off-road challenge for me and my companions.

To combat this shortcoming, my dad had the ingenious idea of welding 2 pieces of railroad steel onto the rear frame of the truck, putting several hundred pounds of weight directly above the rear wheels. This transformed our truck into an unstoppable mud-hauling machine. I've written about that before here.

Extra weight can be a problem, though, especially for humans. Do you ever feel like you're carrying a little extra? Not pounds, but an emotional or spiritual weight, born out of fear. Perhaps you loaded the weight yourself. Maybe it was dumped into the truck bed by uncontrollable events and circumstances. Certainly, that weight can feel like a burden. However, it's also true that weight can provide traction, like a couple of strategically placed railroad rails. When we're stuck in the mud, ironically it's weight that provides the traction that can, if we let it, get us unstuck.

We all bear the weight of our past decisions and actions. Nobody knows that better than me. However, we can all honor what is simply reality--even the broken parts of life. Their dark side can be the necessary teacher, providing traction, not just to survive, but to live.