Have you ever awaken from a dream and couldn't remember the day of the week or even where you were? I did that this week here at Bastrop Federal Satellite Camp. Obviously, as I became more fully awake, my first words of the day were something akin to, "Oh shoot!"

I've had some weird dreams here. For the first time in my life, many of them have had a reoccurring theme. They've been replete with a random cast of characters--people I've know all my life, but who usually appear out of context. Consistently, I'm not in prison, even though I know I'm supposed to be. I'm not sure why I'm not in prison and have no idea how to get back. Now I'm not a dream interpreter, but I wonder if I should be learning something from my subconscious through these dreams. I'm inclined to believe they mean I'm now fully rehabilitated and should be immediately released. As this cursory interpretation works for me, I intend to pursue their meanings no further.

There is, however, more than one way to awaken from a dream. Certainly the most common is what we encounter some mornings. As I learned this week, I'm not consistently good even at that one, though it's the easiest. We can also awaken from the dream of delusion. That process can be a little more difficult, perhaps quite painful. Often that type of dream is simply sleepwalking through the ebb and flow of life as we become comfortable with our delusion. I've been there. But sometimes, that dream can become frightening, too. Even so, I preferred the dream of fear over the reality of being awake to life.

There is an ancient teaching that concludes that when we die, we will remember our life on earth as if it had been a dream. If there's a 1% chance that's true, it certainly makes sense to slow down enough to savor the smell of fresh bread, to watch what the sunset does to clouds, to enjoy the laughter of friends and family, and to sow the seeds of love. It also makes sense to face our fears and delusions instead of ignoring or running from them. If life is nothing but a dream, we might as well learn what it has to teach us.