April Ramblings

* In case we are tempted to lament the demise of society, and particularly professional athletes, this from Charles Leerhsen in Ty Cobb: A Perfect Beauty: "Baseball's American League was founded in 1901 because Ban Johnson, a straight-laced sportscaster, saw the need for a brand of baseball that was safe for family consumption, a game that did not include fist fights and bottle throwing, where the hurlers were pitchers, not ashen-faced alcoholics vomiting up last night's beer in plain view of the kiddies. The American League was an instant success, but it was not long until its product was just as raucous as the National League."

* The weather has a more significant impact here at Bastrop Federal Satellite Camp than in most places I've lived, as so many of the positives occur outside. I've noticed something about the sun and blue skies. Sometimes they only wink and wave at us. Sometimes they hide completely, as the clouds come and go. But they are always with us bringing life and warmth.

* Sudan, the last living Northern White Rhino died last month at the age of 45. Only 2 females remain alive.

* The University of California-Davis LGBTQIA Resource Center has an online resource, found here, introducing students on the proper use of different gender neutral English pronouns, including 'yo', 'xie', 'ey', 'en', 've', 'ze' and 'co'. Thankfully "datdog" and "demdogs", while potentially offensive to law abiding canines, are universally accepted for all inmates here at Bastrop Federal Satellite Camp regardless of gender orientation.

* One of the collateral gifts of writing this blog is that it has motivated me to more closely observe life. It seems that, in the moment, time passes at varying paces, the speed of which relates directly to how much we experience joy in that moment. Perhaps you've noticed this time/joy correlation in a committee meeting where time stands still. Here, I notice it in a 15 minute phone call that seems to last 15 seconds. It also seems that, in hindsight, the variance lessens, so that time and joy are more in equilibrium. Perhaps this is merely the gift of time's healing properties.