Help May Be on the Way

No other country on earth imprisons more of it's population than America, where our incarceration rate is 5 times that of Great Britain, 6 times that of Canada, and 15 times Japan's. We make North Korea look soft of crime.

With no reforms on the horizon, I've feared the status quo would be the future until I read in the December 16, 2017, issue of The Economist that private prison companies are diversifying by building treatment centers and electronic monitoring services. They will undoubtedly unleash their lobbying prowess on Congress to help create human demand for their new products and services. This is good news.

I may appear cynical, but soon after my immersion into 'the system', I grasped the reality that inmates needed better lobbyists for there to be any hope of criminal justice reform in this country. It appears we may be getting some highly paid talent from an unlikely but very influential source.

Even when everyone seems to agree the system badly needs fixing, only money moves Washington. Lobbyists still run the show and private prison companies must have the best.