November Ramblings

Well, I guess the Baylor Bears aren't the undisputed worst FBS football team in America. Call me crazy, but I would rather be THE worst instead of just ONE OF the worst. It would have made for a much more compelling rags to riches success story in 2020 when Baylor wins the Big XII conference championship. (When compelled to make a prophetic utterance, it's best to predict an event far enough into the future so the prophecy will be forgotten when it doesn't happen.)

When my saline nasal spray ran out several months ago, I replaced it but saved the empty bottle, filling it with disinfectant cleaner. Logically, I know there are easily 100 places here more germ laden than a toilet seat, but emotionally I couldn't get there. The spray provided me with some solace and has worked very well until one evening this month when I thoroughly sprayed it twice into both nostrils. I was fine, but only for the next 30 seconds and after 48 hours. Don't try this at home.

For those who live under a rock, please be advised that the Houston Astros won the World Series. We certainly have more Astros fans here at Bastrop Federal Satellite Camp now than in 2016, when they were almost the Lastros. My favorite comment after game 7 was, "One word, dog. Just one word....We earned it."

Ivana Trump, when interviewed on "CBS Sunday Morning," described her former husband as "an all-American boy." That seems about right, if the boy is 14 years old, thinks mostly with his gut and his crotch, has no unexpressed thoughts, and loves to see stuff blown up.

Billy Martin was hired and fired 5 times as manager of the New York Yankees by owner George Steinbrenner. I'm on my way to becoming the Billy Martin of the camp barbershop, as I've been hired, fired, hired, fired and now hired again as an unlicensed hair care professional. I'm halfway to Martin's record and almost halfway through my involuntary camping experience.

Pastor Brian McLaren, the author of The Great Spiritual Migration: How The World's Largest Religion Is Seeking A Better Way To Be Christian, writes, "We must understand the essence of our faith to be something other than a list of opinions, propositions, or statements that our groups hold but can't prove...What I care about is whether [we] are teaching people to live a life of love, from the heart, from God, for all people (no exceptions), and for all creation."