Blessed Are The Cheesemakers

Just between us, Christian movies should be avoided. There's a reason most of them are free. The obvious exception would be Monty Python's The Life of Brian, one of my personal favorites in the genre. In this movie is a priceless scene where Jesus is preaching the Sermon on the Mount. At the back of the crowd are some mentally challenged listeners who are having a difficult time hearing. During the sermon, their conversation, in delightful British accents, goes something like this.

"What was that?" "I think is was 'Blessed are the cheese makers'." "What's so special about cheese makers?" "Well, obviously it's not to be taken literally; it refers to any manufacturer of dairy products."

Obviously, the listeners slightly missed Jesus' point, and the scene makes me wonder what we get wrong today. Much of what Jesus said is recorded consistently in the gospels. We play lip service to it, or we simply ignore it or wrap and repackage it in the flag or in capitalism. I'm reminded of those WWJD bracelets and realize that much of what Jesus did when he was misunderstood, attacked, betrayed, falsely accused and convicted, then crucified seems impossible for us. How did he treat the outcasts, the poor, the sick, the money changers and temple paid professionals?

Why is that so difficult? Christians today seem to be no better than other religions at doing what Jesus did. I think most of us would have to agree there's little difference in lifestyle between Christians and non-Christians in America, oddly with the exception of how they vote. That's sad, but it is consistent with what Jesus experienced 2000 years ago. His message was not well received by those who should have understood it best. In fact, those folks had him prosecuted and executed by the government.

How hard can this be? Basically, if I have this right from Monty Python, we should... 1. Start with the Sermon on the Mount, read it and practice/live it. 2. Then we should pay attention to what Jesus did and try to do that, even if it's un-American. 3. Then we should find the cheese makers, if not any manufacturer of dairy products, and tell them to have a blessed day.