Things I Miss, Version 3.0

Twelve and twenty-four months ago, I wrote here about the "Top Ten Things I Miss" from the real world. These have not changed too much from what I posted last year. However, being an inmate at Bastrop Federal Satellite Camp has certainly changed my perspective a little. Joni Mitchell was correct when she wrote and sung, "you don't know what you've got til it's gone," as some of the aspects of life I dreaded don't seem so bad now. So here's the third version of the things I miss. Of course Boone the Wonder Dog is still at the top of the real list, now joined by Ms. Charlotte.

I miss...

1. being in the back row, middle seat of a Spirit airline flight between 2 smelly, overweight, loud passengers. (I'd be on an airplane and not just watching them fly over.)

2. being at a lightning-delayed halftime at Baylor stadium down 40-0 to SMU with no ride home. (Dr. Pepper)

3. being at an all-day junior high track meet. (The only reason I'd be there would be to watch my granddaughter who will be a tremendous athlete in real sports like soccer and basketball because she has her aunt's feet.)

4. being in a construction zone on I-35. (I'd be going somewhere.)

5. being in a long line with an incredibly slow barista at Starbucks. (Mocha Frappuccino)

6. being hopelessly lost on a hiking trail. (I'd never hike alone or in an ugly place.)

7. being the moderator of a fractious church business meeting. (It couldn't last forever, and there'd be decent food.)

8. being just about to sing a solo that I don't know well and is out my range. (If I blow it, chances are I'll not be asked again.)

9. being out of gas in the middle of a lake. (I'd be in a boat...on a lake.)

10. being at a funeral. (Death's not the end, and nothing is more human, more alive, than lovingly putting our arms around each other, even in the grief.)