Power 101

Being an inmate at Bastrop Federal Satellite Camp is ultimately the realization that I am powerless. There is an arbitrary, semi-literate, external power that controls almost every aspect of my life. However, in the midst of powerlessness, there is the potential for authentic power that has little to do with external power.

Gary Zukov writes in his book The Seat of the Soul, "Creating authentic power requires experiencing within us the difference between fear and love and choosing love no matter what is going on inside us--such as anger, jealousy or resentment--or what is going on outside us--such as another 9/11 attack, an illness, or the death of a child. This is the challenging part."

That is indeed challenging, and it doesn't just happen. Most of us view life through our five senses, and we make decisions using these same senses. Have you ever known anyone who enhanced those five senses with intuition, purpose, meaning, insight, and clarity because he/she had an awareness of a non physical reality? That's real power, but a different kind of power. It has to be developed through practice every day.

For the last 2000 years, the cross has represented power to Christians. But do we really get the irony of ultimate power being represented in the form of a naked, beaten, humiliated, God-forsaken man judged to be fool by the church and the state, then nailed to a brutal instrument of torture and death. The easy road for Jesus would have been to react out of a sense of moral superiority, projecting his righteous indignation or playing the victim. Instead, he took the true road, accepting and embracing suffering and responding with forgiveness only experienced through God's love. He chose the eternal power of loosing his life to find a life that forgave and loved his executioners.

Let's face it, Jesus would be the first eliminated from the Celebrity Apprentice. But what makes a person powerful? Think about who has affected your life most powerfully. Are they people who awe or intimidate you or people who love and have compassion on you?