Observations From Last Sunday

I'm tired of walking reading writing and NPR All my activities of daily living. I worked out hard yesterday So today I just feel old As I sit in the outdoor Rec Pavilion Waiting for afternoon to become evening Wondering what was I thinking About the workout about everything. Five silent screens are mounted on a wall NASCAR and SEC softball to the left Mexico and E to the right Women's beach volleyball in the middle USC takes on Pepperdine And we have a winner. Radio in hand and buds in ears But I'm not listening As AAA batteries are expensive And who needs audio at a beach? Below the screens sit two ice machines One is alive productive and frozen It's Bastrop's purest through expired filters. To their right is a bright blue handrail Freshly painted and leading to a trailer Where a few felons make a few crafts But not many as leather is expensive too. Felons in front rows watch the screens I could easily identify them all from behind Even in their next cop lineup But I'll never be a snitch Because nobody likes a snitch And the camp cat is asleep in my lap. Is this place heaven or hell Experienced through sorrow or bliss? The answer depends on who's asked But everyone is thankfully silent And the cat never talks in his sleep Still I know his answer. The answer is most likely all of the above As the Sunday afternoon Rec Pavilion Is just like everywhere else It's what I make it And today I'm not making it.