The Skeleton Code

I've known Ken Massey since the early 1990's when he became my pastor. During those years, he and I, the then deacon chair, had the bright idea that our church, being Baptist (which many consider Christian), lacked a decent Biblical or practical reason to prohibit women from serving as deacons. Remember, that was the 90's and it was a Baptist church, so believe it or not, we were both sober at the time. In my case, it just seemed right. But for Ken, this gender shift in church policy took some courage, because, as pastor, he would face career and financial implications for including women in this traditionally male role. It wasn't easy, but remarkably we pulled it off, thanks to some good people at that church. It stuck too, because a few years later, after Ken had moved to North Carolina, that church called the first woman to pastor a Baptist church in the state of Texas. Lightning hasn't struck the church since.

In a spirit of pseudo-transparency, I should admit now that I used to play a little joke on the church at Ken's expense. I had this problem with the American flag in the sanctuary. It just seemed wrong, like we thought God was an American when we all knew God was either from Denmark or New Zealand. So every Wednesday night, I would passively but aggressively remove the flag (cleansing the temple) and hide it somewhere in the church, sometimes in Ken's pastoral bathroom, a place he seldom entered, since the plumbing hadn't worked there since the 1970's. Of course this left him to explain the flag's absence to the irate World War II veterans the following Sunday, with me nowhere to be found. To Ken's credit, he never sold me out. But what goes around does comes around, as I'm now an inmate at Bastrop Federal Satellite Camp and Ken, with wife Alla Campanella, is a published author, having written a great book, entitled The Skeleton Code.

The book is a satirical and humorous look at the way we store our secrets in our own personal skeleton closets. It's full of funny, insightful, and real world examples from years of experience and ministry. The last chapter offers "The Skeleton Cure," encouraging us to honestly look at ourselves in the mirror while providing sound and practical advice on skeleton removal and on living the healthy and transparent life we all truly desire.

If I had internet service, I could find Ken and Alla here. The Skeleton Code is available on Amazon. Read it and enjoy the extra closet space.