Just Sit Down and Shut Up

I have to admit that in my late teens, I was occasionally overcome with a spirit of naughtiness. More often than not, this spirit would descend upon me while in a high school classroom. I had a true partner in crime in this little side show. I won't call his name because he reads this blog and is now allegedly respectable. We reached our zenith in 11th grade chemistry class. First, it was a subject that neither of us understood or even wanted to understand. In fact, I would have never passed it without the help of another friend who patiently taught me the course material. I won't call her name either for similar reasons. I certainly don't want anyone to think either of these fine folks had any past association with a felon. Our chemistry teacher unfortunately thought she could match wits with our mischief making. She might have, too; but she completely underestimated our disruptive tenacity. Invariably we knew that we had won when she yelled, "JUST SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!"

That statement has come back to me many times here at Bastrop Federal Satellite Camp because sometimes I do need to just sit down and shut up. As westerners, we've honed a mind game called dualistic thinking where we like to divide and cull, exclude and constrict, and conclude what's right or wrong, good or evil, spirit or flesh. Dualism impacts our view of religion, race, sexual orientation and politics where we pick winners (us) and losers (them). It's why we listen to Fox News or MSNBC or we read Drudge or Reddit. We don't even see the inherent narcissism, deafness, and blindness in this.

We'll never get past this way of thinking unless we sit down and shut up long enough to let the divine love, that's already inside us, flow up and out. When Moses asked for God's ID, God replied, "I am." The mere word and name is synonymous with EVERYTHING. So if we want to be involved with God, we have to be involved with everything. When that happens, we are also able to love what God loves--which is everything. The words sound simple, but it's not that easy; and it won't happen unless we first learn to sit down and shut up. I'm as serious as a heart attack about that. There's no other way.