The News

The great Irish poet Michael Longley says, "poetry is useless, but it's also powerful." This, for Walton, Ryan, and Jesus, who have always been in the same fraternity, from me. And for me, too, as I lamely attempt to say thanks for the ultimate treasure, the gift of eternally abiding love. Happy Thanksgiving from Bastrop Federal Satellite Camp.

When the news came that day, My heart left my body. The piercing screams, my own grief, As my knees bore my weight. But when I called that name, He was silent.

When the news came that day, Mary's fatherless son, Who passed up power for love, Had nothing to say. Since there were no answers, He sat with me.

When the news came that day, I didn't need a god, And religion was no help. I challenged and cursed him, But he stayed by my side, Holding my hand.

When the news came that day, Unbearable sorrow, Transformed to our shared sorrow, Becoming bearable. As he never let go, Crying with me.