October Ramblings

We have a banana tree growing near the Maintenance Building. Its close proximity to the building protected it from last winter's freezing temperature, so it currently has about 25 bananas. While it might be wrong to steal them, we may harvest them.

When Joseph Heller wrote his classic novel Catch-22, it was supposed to be "Catch 18". However Leon Uris' novel Mila 18 had just been published. Heller's editor Robert Gotleib instead came up with Catch-22, saying the 22 was a "funnier" number than 18. Don't you agree?

Can you imagine how many emails are being deleted in Washington DC these days? Wikileaks is the best thing that's happened to restaurants and bars, as DC insiders now have to meet face-to-face just like the old days. Maybe they'll learn to communicate and break the gridlock.

Two inmates got in a fight in the Chow Hall. Apparently the altercation started over a single packet of jelly. It happened right in front of me, but I saw nothing, as I was completely focused on trying to cut a huge hunk of roast beef with a small plastic fork. The two combatants were removed from the camp immediately. The one who did the most damage was the self-proclaimed "smartest man in the camp". I guess he is now the "smartest man in solitary". His former title at camp is now up for grabs. There are several potential claimants, but no one has yet stepped forward to claim the designation.

We have a new kitchen supervisor who works 2 days each week. He's asleep most of the time, so I have to be careful not to be hit and harmed by food running from the back door of the kitchen to the housing unit. He was working the day of the fight and was actually awake, but in the hall watching football. So he was still the last person in camp to know about the fight.

In 2007, Mylan acquired from Merck the EpiPen, which is used to inject epinephrine to prevent life threatening reactions to allergies. They recently took some heat for increasing the EpiPen's price to $600 per pair. Mylan's CEO was quoted as saying that if they cut the price, some people wouldn't be able to get them anymore. That makes no sense if you think of pharmaceuticals as a normal commodity subject to the law of supply and demand. However, it makes perfect sense when you think of it as a Rubik's Cube with sides that involve drug makers, pharmacies, pharmacy benefit managers, insurance companies, congress, lobbyists, and Presidential candidates, oh...and people who could go into anaphylactic shock without an EpiPen.

In almost 425 days of camping here at Bastrop Federal Satellite Camp, I've seen the sun rise and set almost every day. Texas, because of it's terrain and weather patterns, has the most striking sunrises and sunsets. They are bold and beautiful, just like Texas.

Election Summary: When Hillary speaks, sometimes I wish she were telling the truth, but I know she's not. When Donald speaks, sometimes I wish he were lying, but I know he's not.

When I write this, my blog, I hear the words as spoken, and not so much as written. So, I may, from time to time, omit a comma, as I don't hear the comma, much less a semi-colon, in my mind. When I do this, as often I will, please forgive me, as I forgive myself.