The Road Goes on Forever

When deciding to write this blog, the name RE-CALIBRATING.COM seemed appropriate because it was obvious to everyone I needed to recalibrate my life. I also sensed that I was not alone in this need. By examining my own self-inflicted suffering, maybe I could find a new direction. If, in the process, I stumbled on some answers or even the right questions that might help others, that's even better.

The very word RECALIBRATING implies that we CAN recalibrate, change direction, and get back on the right road toward our destination. But what if it's too late? What if there's been too much water under the bridge, the ship has sailed, the train has left the station, or the... You get my drift, as there should be a limit of 3 cliches per sentence. What if, though, Elvis has left the building with the singing fat lady and then burned the bridge? That's what I call...a new sentence. But back to reality, what if it's too late?

Reality sucks and actions have consequences. That's why we have prisons and that's why I'm in one. Consequences are why friends are no longer friends, why parents and children don't communicate and why marriages fall apart. We've all seen, felt and created consequences. We'd like to forget them, but they remember us.

I'll leave Bastrop Federal Satellite Camp some day and there are things I want to do, that I know I can do, and with people I want to do them. Hope is important, right? But realistically, some of these won't happen because the shot clock will have expired. Why do disappointing consequences have soooo many cliches? That's what I want to know. But, again, back to reality, what can I do about the destinations that are no longer in life's GPS?

Since today I'd rather be someplace else, my tendency is to focus my reality on these future events, so life becomes a destination on a road that goes on forever. When I do that, I'm long on the future, short on the present, and sadly unbalanced. We hope for a destination, but instead life is a journey that happens now, not tomorrow. Hope in tomorrow can actually rob the joy which can be found today, particularly when hope mixed with a dash of reality becomes fear and despair. There may not always be much hope in doing the next thing well and with love and compassion, but there is no better way to create joy. And today's joy is the best way to create tomorrow's hope. As I re-calibrate, my focus needs to be on the opportunities of today in this journey called life.

Robert Earl Keene was right. "The road goes on forever, and the party never ends." But the party is today, not tomorrow, and we are all invited.