Christian Politics

It's another rainy day, and I'm stuck in the Maintenance Warehouse with time to think.

Regardless of what Donald Trump sometimes says, the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution prohibit the federal and state governments from establishing a religion or hindering its free exercise, even if you're Muslim. Also, as a good Recovering Baptist, I understand and appreciate the philosophical idea of the Separation of Church and State which has served our country very well. But I'm also a realist and see that it's impossible for people with deeply held religious beliefs to separate those beliefs from political perspectives and desires and from party affiliations.

Have you ever noticed that liberal Christian politics focuses on economic oppression and social injustice? These are systematic issues that flow down to individuals. Critics call this "Wasteful Handouts".

Have you also noticed that conservative Christian politics focuses on naughty behavior? These are individual issues that flow up to the system. Critics call this "Meddling".

Both perspectives ignore the other and believe the other is an embarrassment to Christianity. Which is better?

Where is the oppression and injustice? Where is the naughtiness? WWJD? What did he do? Remember in the 2nd chapter of the Gospel of Matthew when John the Baptist was in prison and wondering if Jesus was the real deal, the Messiah? Jesus answered the question by telling John what he had been up to. Of all He could have said, what did He say about the Kingdom of Heaven, something He claimed had already begun? He told John that the blind, the lame, the lepers, the deaf, and the poor, all outcasts and all oppressed, were being healed and fed and were getting some VERY GOOD NEWS.

Where are the outcasts and the oppressed today? If Christianity is about forgiveness, love, healing, feeding and hope, why does conservative Christian politics focus on fear? Why are we so afraid? Is our God that weak? Jesus didn't seem to think so, as His God could raise the dead. Like the blind squirrels who accidentally find acorns, do liberals occasionally get something right? As a conservative, that's embarrassing because this is important.

Of course, as I'm here at Bastrop Federal Satellite Camp, I see plenty of suffering, injustice and naughtiness. I urge everyone to simply support ANYONE who wants to drastically reduce federal sentencing retroactively, so I can leave here ASAP. With all due respect, I feel that I will have soon received all the "rehabilitation" the Bureau of Prisons has to offer.

To quote noted philosopher Ricky Bobby, "I said with all due respect!"