When I was growing up, we had a large seed bin where the oats harvested in the spring were stored. We then fed these oats to our calves during the summer to help them gain weight. But one year my dad had a brilliant idea. Just before the cotton was picked in the fall, he and I shoveled the oats into burlap bags and trucked those bags to a nearby airplane pilot where we loaded them into a small bin on the bottom of his crop plane. When loaded and airborne, the plane showered the seeds onto our cotton field. The next week the wheels of the cotton picker pressed the oat seeds into the soil where they could germinate. By winter, the oat seeds had become winter grass, and the cattle could graze on the green grass in the cotton rows. The best part was watching the plane take off and land, but our seed project did serve as a good lesson on seed agronomy and perhaps life agronomy.

I know that quietly living in the moment is the way to enlightenment and an abundant life. It's the way to allow God's Holy Spirit to live in me, to achieve nirvana, to be salt and light in the world like Jesus, or whatever you want to call it. Richard Rohr writes, "I believe the purpose of mature religion or spirituality is to cultivate in us the ability to accept 'the sacrament of the present moment' just as it is, including the good and the bad, and to find God in it." But how can that be accomplished in this place, Bastrop Federal Satellite Camp, where the moments can be so frustrating? How does anyone do that when life is chaotic and complicated? We all have an excuse, don't we?

Maybe it's not as complicated as I try to make it. Living in the moment starts with nothing, as I empty my mind of the clutter. Then in the midst of nothingness, it's realizing who/what I am, who/what I'm not, where I am, where I'm not, and whose I am. Going through that meditative process helps indentify the seeds that I'm storing like the oats once stored in our seed bin. So maybe I'm just a seed bin, perhaps one that has a brian and a heart. Maybe I'm a "Smart Seed Bin" with wifi?

Inside me are seeds of joy, anger, forgiveness, courage, fear, humility, pride, integrity, deceit, generosity, greed, love and hate. All these seed are inside me, the lowly Smart Seed Bin. I can't remove them even if I want to, but I can't ignore them either. I must be aware of all of them, so I can then decide which seeds to allow to germinate. Unfortunately, I have some seeds that want to grow on their own, but I alone get to choose, moment by moment, which seeds inside me are planted, watered, fertilized and harvested.

It's not complicated. But it doesn't happen without agronomy. Moment by moment, the seeds I choose make all the difference.