White Collar Advice

Justin Paperny has a new website at http://www.whitecollaradvice.com. Justin is a prison consultant, a well-known speaker on ethics, and a friend who has been extremely helpful in preparing me to meet the challenges at Bastrop Federal Satellite Camp. He asked me to write a guest blog on his new website about a typical day at a federal prison camp, so I wrote about June 2nd. There was nothing special about that day, other than it was when I received his request. Fortunately, I was immediately able to add his request to my pseudo-busy schedule. If you have been subscribed to my blog since the days that I posted on the Etika LLC website, you may have received the post in an email last week.

If you did not read it last week, the post can be found here.

While there, check out the rest of Justin's website and his original site.

Justin does good work for folks who are in an overwhelming situation.