Greetings for Bastrop Federal Satellite Camp. It's raining and I'm in the Maintenance Warehouse pondering how the hell I got here. Since that question is too deep a subject for my shallow brain, let's go for a not-so-deep observation about where I'm from.

I'm an unapologetic southern boy. I'm proud of that heritage and wouldn't trade it for any other. I can remember getting goose bumps in jr. high when our high school band would play Dixie. At that sound, my classmates and I would just go nuts with our rebel yells...in our segregated school.

But there is something unique about the South. We lost the Civil War, aka the War of Northern Aggression, but, through some weird warp of reality, put up statues and named schools after a bunch of war heroes who LOST THE FREAKIN WAR. Has that ever happened before in history? I've never been to Germany, but are there statues of Rommel or Goering everywhere? They were good generals. After the battle of San Jacinto, did Texas rename the Alamo, Santa Anna?

Bless our southern hearts, it's quite possible that we subconsciously think we won the Civil War, then are righteously amazed, if not indignant, that these statues MIGHT be a problem 150 years later. What are we thinking?

Having written all that, I still love the South. There really is no place to live and die, but Dixie. We'll figure this out...or our kids will.