Writer's Almanac 4/28/16

Here's the Writer's Almanac from April 28, 2016, from Bastrop Federal Satellite Camp.

There are several inmates here working on the next great American novel. One of them, who is often in the law library, is a man from Austin. He's 40 and has 14 kids, ages 26 to 9, by 11 different women. He breathes burnt orange, even though he has never set foot on the 40 acre campus at the University of Texas. He and I hit it off immediately, as I have always secretly loved UT. The title of his novel is Mr. Chocolate. It may be a trilogy. It should be an autobiography.

As he was writing recently, we had this conversation.

Him: Do you know what effervesce is?

Me: Yeah

Him: Well, what is it?

Me: It's like Alka Seltzer, where air escapes from a liquid with a bunch of tiny bubbles.

Him: OK. So would, "His blood effervesced from his neck when she stabbed him with an ice pick" be alright?

Me: No. Not really. That's different.

Him: I think I'm going to use it anyway.

He has a point. He's a novelist. What do I know? I'm just a listener who tells short stories.