War....What Is It Good For?

Even as student during the Viet Nam era, I always had great respect and admiration for the US armed forces. Some of my inmate friends here at Bastrop Federal Satellite Camp had long careers of military service. Our fighting prowess is unmatched, and I would even go so far as to say there is nothing we do better as a country than kicking ass and taking names. If I were a Two-Bit Dictator and the US declared war on me, I would beg for mercy, loud and long, before getting "shocked and awed."

However when politicians declare war on other stuff, my money is on the other stuff.

Does anyone still think the War on Poverty was successful? After 40 years, have we even won one skirmish? Is income disparity higher or lower? Are fewer or more citizens on government assistance?

What about the War on Drugs? Are there more or fewer drugs on the street? State after state seems to be realizing the war is over and we lost, and we now thankfully have a Drug Czar in Washington, a recovering alcoholic by the way, who also gets it.

Wasn't there a War on Crime? With one in three Americans having a felony conviction on their record, is our country any safer, or has it just created state and federal prison systems that are overcrowded, too costly, and play lip service to rehabilitation and job training?

Anyone remember the War on Ignorance aka "No Child Left Behind?" Ask any teacher for an opinion. It won't be short or positive. The federal government recently admitted defeat on this one too.

Remember when the democrats accused the republicans of waging a War on Women? Did anyone take that seriously? Not many women did as they are pretty smart, for the most part. That campaign strategy was quickly dropped for being a joke.

So...I was thinking. Maybe we should declare a War on Good Health, Peace and Prosperity, giving all three a fighting chance.

Write your congressman, but don't mention that the idea came from an inmate at Bastrop Federal Satellite Camp.