Back when I owned a GPS...and a car...and had money for gas...and somewhere to go, my GPS would sometimes get lost. When that happened, it would tell me, in its sexy, Siri-like voice, that it was re-calibrating. She was trying her best to get me back on track toward a place I wanted to go.

I've been a little lost for a few years now. One of the purposes of this blog was to be a way of hopefully chronicling not just my getting lost, but my own re-calibrating. It's a journey that's going to take some work, but I have an abundance of writing material, as I'm finding that I have much to learn. Maybe you're a little lost too, so we can re-calibrate together.

I'm very pleased to announce today that my blog will be moving to its new site at That site is now live thanks to daughter Jana and son-in-law Matt. I haven't seen it, as we don't have internet access at Bastrop Federal Satellite Camp. But knowing them, I have no doubt I'd approve.

I wanted to thank Justin Paperny for allowing me to use this site for my blog these almost six months and for the work he does helping inmates and those having up close and personal interactions with the federal criminal justice system. His is a noble work with an often forgotten group who desperately need guidance and hope. I'm grateful for his help and intend to hold him to his offer of golf upon my release.

My golf game will soooo suck by then.