I'm Writing a Blog? Seriously?


I must admit that I have, until yesterday, not so quietly mocked anyone who thought that I cared a rip about what he/she wrote in a blog. With that admission succinctly out of the way and completely forgotten, here goes my blog.


As there are now 200,000,000 blogs in the US, why am I such a late adopter of what 5 years ago ceased to be trending? Well…truth is, in a few days I will be headed to “camp” aka Bastrop Federal Satellite Camp which is unfortunately run by the federal bureau of prisons. As I will be there for some time, I’m looking for something to do. A blog seemed more realistic than becoming a self-taught surgeon using what I expect to be a 1989 Encyclopedia in the prison library or working every day on becoming the oldest rookie to win the Masters after making my own clubs. Blogging seemed more doable, so why the heck not do it now.


Reason 1:

There are friends and family who have stood by me through this humiliating experience. They have carried me the last year through my son’s death and my own weird journey through the perplexities and frustrations of the federal criminal justice system. They have supported me despite my stupid decisions that created this mess. Hopefully this blog will be a way for me to efficiently communicate with the people who have loved me more than I deserve.

Reason 2:

I hope that writing this helps me sort out and journal the thoughts and feelings (yeah, voices) that are inside my head. While I take total responsibility for the damage I’ve caused, it’s still been stressful. Hopefully I’ve gained some insight from my mistakes and will continue to learn as I face the consequences. I hope that writing about this will help me, as I obviously need help.

Reason 3:

My sense is that I’m not alone as a self-described middle ager whose life needs recalibrating. My GPS does that effortlessly after my car has taken a wrong turn, but it’s not so easy for me. When we get off track, we often get wounded. Some of those wounds are self-inflicted, many or not. Perhaps by writing this, I can help one person recalibrate. Who knows, maybe we can do that together.

Reason 4:

I am experiencing the criminal justice system maze in an up close and personal way. My hope is that this blog can serve as a resource for those who are facing similar circumstances. There are those whose writings, videos and conversations have helped me, and I long to be able to pay that back to others.

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