Although my memory is not infallible, I believe I have spent the last 36 Thanksgivings with my in-laws. I was blessed to have married into a wonderful family. One generation from our Thanksgiving gatherings has left this earth, but it now includes three generations of smart, funny, creative and loving people who have stuck together through the ups and downs of life.

My mother-in-law had the most contagious laugh that would bubble up and out and fill the room. My sister-in-law inherited it. As long as my father-in-law was alive, there was never a doubt that he would say the same Thanksgiving Blessing before our huge meal. Since he passed away, we now all awkwardly stand around not making eye contact until the job falls on my nephew who is on a church staff. He’s a paid professional, a hired gun, who dutifully accepts the challenge. He always nails it.

Since the epic but thoughtful movie “Talladega Nights”, immediately after the blessing, I have looked at my kids and said, “He made that grace his b*tch.” Since I won’t be present this year, I hope that someone in the family would at least think about that profound movie quote after, or preferably during, the blessing. I believe that in some strange but wonderful parts of the country it means the same thing as AMEN.

Oh, and I hope there are plenty of apps (appetizers) to eat before the dinner. We never seem to have enough apps.

Happy Thanksgiving to my family and friends from Bastrop Federal Satellite Camp. I hope you make the day your b*tch.