One of the good guys at Bastrop Federal Satellite Camp left on November 2nd, after serving an 18 month sentence. He had been a banker in his former life, was an excellent spades player and I liked him very much. He was the “barista” in the Chow Hall making what some, certainly not him or me, called coffee. We called him Dirty Mike because the nickname was simply the antithesis of who he was, and he didn’t really like it. It’s good to see and remember that inmates do leave this camp and it’s not Hotel California.

As all my TV watching is outside, I was excited that I ended up with his sweatpants. He also left me a Snickers and a Twix candy bar which I am saving. Unfortunately, his running shoes didn’t fit, as mine don’t either. He was supposed to leave me his hair gel, but I think he forgot. Maybe he will violate the terms of his probation and will be sent back so I can get it. I badly need some hair gel to look my best, and the commissary is out.

That’s a little dark prison humor to brighten your day. I hope it’s a great one for Dirty Mike with family and friends who love him. He is fondly remembered by his friends at camp.