Thirty-four years ago on this date, I looked into the face of a baby girl and melted. From that point on, she has had me wrapped around her little finger. She always will–my oldest daughter–my first baby chick.

In a small way to honor her on her birthday, here are some things that are important to remember about her.

* She is a great pet owner (the true measure of worth of any person) * She rolls with the punches of injuries and inconveniences * Like Mickey Mantle, she is a great teammate * She is fiercely protective of her sister, mom, and dad and was so of her brother * She can change clothes 6 times in 30 minutes before leaving for dinner * She is not afraid to occasionally take risks * When she fails, she gets up, wipes off the mud and tries again * In the words of her sister, she’s the most fun person alive * She is still my all-time favorite basketball player. Number 44 should be honored in all gyms like it is in Major League Baseball parks. * She visits her dad often at Bastrop Federal Satellite Camp, sometimes arriving fashionably late