Fitting In

There are essentially three broad categories of crimes which have put inmates at the Bastrop FSC–white collar, drugs, and immigration. The socio-economic, age, race, and educational background of each group fits well with what is portrayed on TV drama and documentaries.

It’s been important for me to interact positively and productively with everyone here, regardless of backgrounds. That so far has been one of the highlights of this experience. All inmates here get along very well in the interactions that I’ve witnessed. There are not even any stories of past bad behavior. I guess we all have a common opponent, the system, which can create a mutual bond and good friendships. I hope to benefit from that reality and certainly have.

I haven’t told anyone that I have a law degree or that I was a Certified Financial Planner in my former life unless asked exactly the right question. I haven’t advertised that I went to a private university. People here assume I like Baylor football because I’m from Waco, which should be encouraging to my Baylor friends that some people think we might actually have t-shirt fans like a real football school.

Before I had a job here, one of my friends in the kitchen told the C.O. (Corrections Officer) there that I had “a bunch of experience in food service”. My friend was trying to help me get a job in that area, as all the inmates here have a job.

The C.O. looked doubtfully at me and asked, “You got your GED?”

Maybe I should tone down my educational play-down.