What Goes Around

What Goes Around…

I’ve always like the fall season. One of the reasons is that it’s a time of great societal change. As schools, sports and church calendars have evaporated with the summer heat, we’ve had to survive the summer with Donald Trump and people trying to explain Donald Trump. But that’s all about to change, as fall is a time of new beginnings.

On August 26th I left Waco, Texas to begin fall as inmate number 46990-380 at the Bastrop Federal Satellite Camp in Bastrop, Texas. This will no doubt be a personal change unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. In some ways this surreal place takes me back to Junior High.

I remember how entering the 7h grade was an anxious time for a kid like me growing up in Winnsboro, Louisiana. Along with the obvious changes taking place with the girls in my class, it was the first time I experienced real Physical Education. We boys had a real locker room with real lockers for a real PE uniform that was washed once each week, whether or not it smelled. We also had towels that looked nothing like any towels I had seen before. They were so thin they served no ordinary drying purpose like a normal towel. They were more like the athletes we weren’t but wanted to become–lean, mobile, agile and hostile. When properly soaked, rolled and popped, the became WMDs that even Dick Cheney could find. Until last week I haven’t wondered where these towels have been for the last 49 years.

All that to say…it’s with some anxiety and no small surprise that I have discovered these very towels were sent to the Bastop Federal Satellite Camp, proving again that what goes around does in fact come around. Luckily the inmates here in Bastrop FSC seem to pretty sophisticated, at least compared to my 7th grade buddies AND there are no group showers (I know that’s the real question on everyone’s mind).

PS It appears that I am unable to add friends to email list unless complete contact information, including address and phone number which I unfortunately do not have for everyone. Please send these to me by regular mail so I can set that up if want to be able to send and receive emails.