February 24, 2018

From the Latin word "limen" meaning threshold of a physiological or psychological response, liminality is an in-between state of mind or situation. In our life, it might occur when we retire and are trying to decide what to do with the rest of our life. Perhaps a marriage or relationship has ended or the last child has left the nest for college. Perhaps we've been single and are on the threshold of marriage.

Richard Rohr writes in Adams Return that "liminality is an inner state and sometimes an outer situation where people can begin to think and act in genuine new ways. It's when we are betwixt and between, have left one room but not yet entered the next room...when we are not certain or in control, when something genuinely new can happen." Sometimes we willingly set foot on the threshold toward something new, sometimes we are pushed, but liminality is necessary for transformation. We all need to be continually spiritually transformed because we never love enough. We're never where we c...

February 19, 2018

Charles Walton Jones would have been 31 years old yesterday. I would be grateful if you would click here and remember his life on earth.

February 14, 2018

The history of legal immigration in America for the last 100 years is fascinating to someone with A LOT of time on his hands. Immigration laws underwent significant changes in the mid 1920's, again in the mid 1960's and may again be altered if the "tribal fringe" of the republican party gets its way. The current tribalists are hoping to leverage a bi-partisan desire for a compromise on DACA to their advantage so they can simultaneously radically restrict and alter immigration again. I've written about their ideas before here, and I'm not a fan. What's interesting to me is that each immigration law change has been promulgated and penned by racists, fear mongers, and bigots. So 2018 is not an anomaly.

In the 1920's immigration changes widely supported by the KKK and democrats favored immigrants from northern Europe at the expense of those from southern Europe, predominantly Catholics and the Jews in eastern European countries. The law's unintended consequence was that it made it very diff...

February 9, 2018

The Buddhist nun and teacher Pema Chödrön tells a story about a friend who was struggling with feelings of anger and decided to go to the San Francisco Zen Center for an afternoon of meditation. As she started to meditate, she heard this irritating clicking noise. She quickly determined it was just the radiator in an old building, so she ignored it. She then proceeded to meditate for several hours, never noticing the clicking again. After she concluded her meditation, she encountered two friends who had also spent the afternoon meditating. They were both angry at the woman who had been making the irritating clicking noise. They generally had no struggle with anger, but were incensed at the rudeness of this woman's clicking. She had completely ruined their meditation. Ironically, it was the same sound that was ignored when it was perceived as an old radiator.

Have you ever noticed that your attitude about something or someone is often wrapped in judgments and biases that may seem to be v...

February 4, 2018

In the spring of 1970 I was fortunate enough to see Apollo 13 lift off for a voyage to the moon. The Saturn V rocket was thousands of feet in the air by the time that unforgettable sound reached the viewing area. I can still hear it in my mind as I write this. The lift off was perfect, but soon into the mission we heard Commander Jim Lovell's now famous words, "Houston, we have a problem." We all know the story. Apollo 13 never landed on the moon as expected, but did use the moon's gravity to miraculously sling-shot its way safely back home to earth. The failed Apollo 13 mission became one of NASA's greatest accomplishment. 

At that same location today at Cape Canaveral sits the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket, scheduled to be launched February 6, 2018. It's thrust is less than half the Saturn V's, but more than twice any rocket still in production. There's a good chance the launch may not go well. Elon Musk was quoted last summer saying, "I hope it makes it far enough away from the pad that...

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