May 29, 2017

* The most popular TV shows at Bastrop Federal Satellite Camp are Naked and AfraidMy 600 Pound LifeTMZSwamp People, and Real PD. If you are watching any of these on a regular basis, there is a high probably you ain't right.

* There is only one remaining male Northern White Rhino. His name is Sudan and he's too old to mate with the two remaining females. The entire species of these incredible animals have been all but eliminated by poachers. A fund has been established to raise money to pay for the artificial insemination of the two females. It can be found here.

* There are plethora of nicknames, aka "Yard Names" here. Some of my favorite are Dog, Big Dog, Harry Dog, Corn Dog, Cookie, G-Paw, Bounce, Junkyard, Flimflam, Hollywood, Cutty, Spook, Big Wayne, Little D, Doc, Joker, Loon, Peru, Guam, Gordo, Chucky, Diesel, Cadillac, Country, Chewy, Charms, Chompa and Duck. I don't have a nickname and hope I'm not here long enough to be blessed with one.

* The quote of the decade, so far, h...

May 19, 2017

Sheriff Andy Taylor and Deputy Barney Fife often had decidedly different perspectives and methods on how best to grapple with the criminal elements in Mayberry. These disparities were never more obvious than in how they each dealt with Otis, the town drunk. Andy always leaned toward tolerance, while Barney was more draconian. To keep Barney from going too far off track fighting crime, Andy gave him one bullet and made him keep it in his pocket. Sometimes 1960s sit-coms repeat themselves in real life 50 years later.

On May 11th, Attorney General Jeff Sessions reversed Obama administration efforts to ease penalties for some non-violent federal drug offenders. Sessions thinks there is a clear connection between drug crimes and a broader range of crimes and that federal prosecutors need to pursue the toughest possible charges and sentences. He apparently thinks that locking up drug offenders for as long as possible, even those with non-violent histories and first time offenders, is good pub...

May 15, 2017

I'm tired of walking reading writing and NPR
All my activities of daily living.
I worked out hard yesterday 
So today I just feel old
As I sit in the outdoor Rec Pavilion
Waiting for afternoon to become evening
Wondering what was I thinking
About the workout about everything.
Five silent screens are mounted on a wall
NASCAR and SEC softball to the left
Mexico and E to the right
Women's beach volleyball in the middle
USC takes on Pepperdine
And we have a winner.
Radio in hand and buds in ears
But I'm not listening
As AAA batteries are expensive
And who needs audio at a beach?
Below the screens sit two ice machines
One is alive productive and frozen
It's Bastrop's purest through expired filters.
To their right is a bright blue handrail 
Freshly painted and leading to a trailer 
Where a few felons make a few crafts
But not many as leather is expensive too.
Felons in front rows watch the screens
I could easily identify them all from behind
Even in their next cop lineup
But I'll never be a...

May 9, 2017

I've written about the movie Cast Away before because it's one of my favorites.  The movie speaks to me on many levels, not the least of which is how it deals with time's relativity. 

Early in the movie, the main character, played by Tom Hanks, is obsessed with time. As a mid-level manager for FedEx, the timely delivery of shipments is an ever consuming part of his life. Before boarding a FedEx plane that ultimately crashes, stranding him on a deserted Pacific island, his fiance gives him a pocket watch containing her picture. That picture sustains him as he endures hopeless solitude, but the watch is broken in the crash. In the midst of despair, time becomes meaningless for him while Hank's fiance, played by Helen Hunt, eventually creates a new life without him. After Hanks' rescue and return to Memphis, time restarts for him, but life is viewed from a new perspective. 

The relativity of time is something that inmates must learn to manage while incarcerated. Time often stands...

May 4, 2017

The Salvation Army does good work, but I just realized their magazine is called War Cry. When I saw it for the first time here at Bastrop Federal Satellite Camp, I thought it must be published by a separatist group from Montana. Then I remembered that it is the Salvation ARMY. What would Jesus, the Prince of Peace, think about a salvation army?

Christians here talk a lot about spiritual warfare and "binding Satan" which has been an odd term to me, since I first heard it. With all due respect, though, we do have one Corrections Officer who provides a valid and vivid mental image for just how a type of "satan binding" might be appropriately fulfilled, metaphorically speaking of course; but that's another post. Nevertheless, this spiritual warfare premise got me to pondering, as I seem to have ample time (because I'm doing time).

The apostle Paul, in his letter to the first century church at Ephesus, tells his readers to put on all of God's armor for a war against an unseen world.  That cer...

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