My name is Charlie Jones, formerly a lawyer and certified financial planner, now a convicted felon after spending time at Bastrop Federal Satellite Camp in Texas. Before my incarceration, I resided in Waco, Texas, where I owned an SEC registered investment advisory firm. In January, 2015, I pled guilty to one count of wire fraud in a plea agreement with the federal prosecutor and was sentenced in July of that year to 72 months. I served 49 months of that sentence and was released in October, 2019. After getting married, I moved to Knoxville, Tennessee in February, 2020. Currently, I try to grow a garden and work virtually as a contract paralegal. 

My decisions and conduct that led to my incarceration ruined my career, destroyed valued and trusted relationships, and hurt my sweet family. My purpose in sharing these often random but hopefully coherent thoughts is to let readers experience with me what I have encountered and am hopefully learning through this journey. Certainly my life should serve as a warning to others, but I want it to be more than that. My desire here is to offer encouragement, hope and perhaps some humor which I truly believe can be found in any circumstance.  Along the way, we can all learn something about the federal criminal justice system.


Through my experiences over these last few years, I can honestly testify that hope can be found in any situation.